Monday, February 21, 2011

January Birthday's Continued...

I promised there was more coming! Here we go...

First up are cupcakes that Jeff's grandmother had me make for her good friend's birthday. It was going to be quite a crowd, so a couple batches were in order. I made a lemon cupcake, filled with blueberry cream, and topped with lemon icing. I was trying to channel our wedding cake! I was on my own for the photo of this one, so please excuse the photography...


This was also when I first made the peanut butter cupcakes, and now I can't stop making them. For this batch, I used melted Hershey kisses for the frosting flavor...yum!


Rounding up the January birthday's was Trey's 1st birthday! For this occasion, I made the peanut butter cupcakes again, and also red velvet cupcakes. The vintage themed decorations are from Etsy.





And one last very own stickers and pink boxes!


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